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City Sights and Activities

Antwerp is the perfect destination for an enjoyable weekend or city trip. There is much to experience and discover in terms of culture, architecture, gastronomy, fashion and shopping. Hyllit Hotel is ideally located close to Antwerp Central Station, making it the perfect starting point for exploring the city.

If you are planning to discover all that Antwerp has to offer here are some recommendations:

Our Lady's Cathedral

The largest Gothic church in the Benelux countries. Both the inside and the outside are richly decorated, it is worth walking completely around this huge building. The interior includes beautiful stained-glass windows and a fine collection of sculptures and paintings, some by celebrated Belgian painter Pieter Paul Rubens. 
The cathedral is easy to reach by public transport (8 min) or on foot (17 min).

Diamond Square Mile

This square mile is located right next to the hotel and definitely worth a visit. Approximately 80 % of rough diamonds passes through Antwerp. Learn all about the rich history of this world famous industry in Antwerp. 

Antwerp Central Station

Even if you don't arrive in Antwerp by train, the Central Station is still worth a visit. Built in 1905 in iron and glass, and with a magnificent dome, it is a handsome piece of architecture. With its majestic staircases and extravagant gold decorations, it is well worth its nickname 'Railway Cathedral'. The Central Station is just 50 metres from the Hyllit Hotel.

Vogeltjesmarkt in Antwerpen

On Sundays, it is Vogeltjesmarkt in Antwerp. This market takes place on the Theaterplein, which was renovated in 2008 and is now covered with an awning. On Sundays, all Antwerpers can be found here. Originally, this market sold birds and poultry. Now you can also buy clothes, delicacies, accessories, flowers...
This market is held every Sunday from 8am to 2pm (summer time) or 1pm (winter time) on the Theaterplein.
The Theatre Square is easiest to reach on foot just 10 minutes from the hotel. 

Antwerp Zoo

Escape the busy city in one of the oldest zoos of the world (est. 1843). Located right next to the Central Station lies  10,5 ha (25 acres) of beautiful gardens, surrounded by historical buildings and contemporary architecture. Discover over 950 species and more than 5.000 animals just minutes away from your hotel room. 

Shopping in Antwerp

In Antwerp even shopping is a cultural experience. The main shopping boulevard "Meir" where a lot of well-known brands and shops can be found is full of architectural beauties from the 18th and 19th century. But shopping is not only limited to one street: big luxury brands and even vintage and antique shops all have their place in this city. Discover all of the Meir's surrounding shopping streets from Schutterhofstraat to Kloosterstraat only 200 m (656 ft.) from the hotel. 

Museums Antwerp

KMSKA - Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp

This Neoclassical art temple was built between 1884 and 1890 by architects Jean-Jaques Winders & Frans van Dijck. It is located in the centre of the 'Antwerp South' district, which was created during the same period. Since 2011, the museum has been closed for years of renovation works.

KMSKA can be reached by public transport (13 min) or on foot (27 min).

Museum - Het Steen

The Steen is the name of the small castle located at the entrance to the city centre on the banks of the river Scheldt. The Steen was first used as a prison from 1549 to 1823. From 1862, it was used as an Archaeological Museum. A Neo-Gothic wing was added in 1889-1890. Since 1952, it has housed the National Maritime Museum.

The Stone can be reached by public transport (13 min) or on foot (22 min).

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Museum - Middelheim

Situated in a park just outside 'the ring', the Middelheim Museum's collection consists of more than 300 sculptures, starting chronologically with Auguste Rodin. Most of the works are outdoors and are given a different background each season by the beautiful nature. However, some sculptures need protection and are inside a pavilion. 
The Middelheim Museum is 26 minutes from the Hyllit Hotel, reachable by public transport.

M HKA – Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp

MUHKA can be reached by public transport (19 min) or on foot (32 min). 

The MAS - Museum aan de Stroom

The impressive building of the MAS tells an inventive story about Antwerp in the world. Atop the building one has a beautiful view of the Port of Antwerp. 
This museum is located in the neighborhood of 't Eilandje. Combine your visit to the MAS with a walk through this beautiful side of Antwerp and many cozy restaurants.
The MAS is easy to reach by public transport (14 min) or on foot (24 min).

Red Star Line Museum

The Red Star Line Museum invites you on an eventful journey in the footsteps of emigrants. About people in search of happiness and a better life in another place. Discover the stories bit by bit in the different museum rooms. 
The Red Star Line Museum is easily accessible by public transportation (20 min) or on foot (31 min).

De Koninck Brewery

At the newly renovated City Brewery, you get an interactive brewery tour. Fun activity for everyone. Ride through the city in an old camionette, walk in a bulbous glass and high above the brewing hall. During the tour, you can also enjoy two tastings.
The Brewery is a 29-minute walk from the Hyllit Hotel or 13 minutes by public transport.

Do not hesitate to ask our front desk for more information during your visit.