The Sportpaleis in Antwerp is a concert hall in Belgium and can accommodate up to 23,000 visitors. It is a popular venue for concerts, sports events, and other live performances. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience in Antwerp, the Sportpaleis is definitely worth a visit.

Since its opening in 1933, the Sportpaleis has built an impressive history and has hosted some of the most iconic moments in Belgian sports and music history. It has welcomed artists such as Beyoncé, Madonna, and U2, and hosts the annual Night of the Proms. It also offers excellent facilities, including ample parking and various food and drink options.

Whether you want to attend a concert or a sports event, the Sportpaleis offers a wide range of world-class events. Book your tickets and enjoy an unforgettable experience at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp.

The Hyllit Hotel in Antwerp is also an ideal location for visitors to the Sportpaleis, as the hotel is within walking distance of a metro station with a direct line to the Sportpaleis. Additionally, the Sportpaleis is easily accessible by car or taxi from the hotel, making it a convenient choice for travellers seeking accommodation near this iconic location. Whether you are traveling by public transport or your own car, the Hyllit Hotel offers the perfect base for your visit to the Sportpaleis in Antwerp.