The MAS Museum, also known as the Museum aan de Stroom, is an impressive building located in the port of Antwerp. This museum focuses on the city of Antwerp and its role as a global city, both in the present and in the past. The museum's collection includes various disciplines such as art, archaeology, ethnography, photography, and history.

With ten floors, the MAS Museum offers a breathtaking view of the city and the port. There are changing exhibitions on each floor, always connected to Antwerp and its history. There are exhibitions about the port, the diamond industry, Antwerp's role as a global city, and the ties between Antwerp and Congo.

The museum is only a short distance from the Hyllit Hotel and easily accessible by public transport. In addition to the permanent collection and exhibitions, the MAS Museum also regularly organizes temporary exhibitions and events. The museum is open seven days a week.

In short, for anyone interested in the history and culture of Antwerp and its role as a global city, the MAS Museum is definitely worth a visit. The Hyllit Hotel offers an ideal base to enjoy all the city has to offer, including the MAS Museum.